Grumeti Fund

A solar system to run 13 antipoaching camps was designed to enable rangers to protect wildlife and have access to light, device charging, fridge, GPS charging and radio call communication systems. Iron was weld to make one secured unit to integrate all the needed solar accessories in one box. With this solar box, we won the Energy Globe Award in 2015. 

Manyara's Secret

A solar system to run diverse lodge villas and rooms for guests was designed and installed at Manyara's Secret Lodge. The system also aimed to provide house lighting, security lights, water pumping, laundry machines, pool pump, electric water boilers, all kitchen equipment and office

Manyara S. swimming pool.JPG

Completed Projects

Through the years, EndaSolar has engaged with multiple projects that highly helped customers with their energy needs. We are proud that some of them include Grumeti Fund, Manyara's Secret Lodge and Kimango Enterprises. This led us to win the Energy Globe National Award of The United Republic of Tanzania in 2015 for contributing with a system to support anti-poaching activities in Tanzania.


Mbuyuni Farm Retreat

A retreat with several self-contained cottages was developed in Morogoro to be run entirely on renewable energy. EndaSolar was instrumental in providing uninterrupted power for the house lighting, water pumping and diverse equipment.

Mazumbai Forest House

EndaSolar converted a small hydropower station into a solar-powered system. The Forest House has been run by SUA (Sokoine University in Morogoro) for many years. Today it is hosting university students from all over the world for training and research.

Mazumbai Forest House.JPG