2 Bedroom Household, with kitchen

2 Bathroom Basins

2 Showers


Hot water is a convenience that we have come to take for granted, but with frequent power cuts, hot water can feel more like an extravagant luxury than a part of daily life.  For lodges and hotels, reliable hot water is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction, and no guest wants  their stay ruined by starting their day with uncomfortable, ice-cold showers.  Enda Solar's solar water heating solutions provide an extremely reliable and consistent source of hot water, using nothing m re than the power of the Sun.


Enda Solar has a wide range of solar hot water heaters and we can customise a system of any size to suit your home or business.  All of our systems are fully modular and can be tailored to fit a number of configurations, whether you are running a hotel with a large centralised system, a lodge with several smaller heaters, or your own home.  We offer water heaters that can intelligently switch to the mains supply if unfavourable weather conditions prevail, making sure you have hot water available, whatever the circumstances.


For an idea of how Enda Solar hot water systems might fit into your home or business, continue browsing to view some of our sample independent energy systems.