An unpredictable, unstable and unreliable power supply can be a frustrating obstacle to running a home or business.  In Tanzania, power-cuts often lead to reduced productivity, costing your business money through delays and fuel expenses associated with running generators.  An Enda Solar battery backup system will insulate you against power cuts, providing you with reliable power when the grid goes down. 



If going completely off-grid is not your goal, then Enda Solar can help you augment and supplement your existing energy supply by installing an intelligent backup system.  Our systems are able to automatically detect variations in voltage and regulate the system as necessary.  By avoiding over or under-voltage situations, we can protect your home or business appliances whilst maintaining a steady and reliable supply of electricity.

In the event of a power cut, our system with automatically switch from the mains supply to the battery backup.  This changeover is so fast - mere milliseconds - that electrical appliances such as televisions, computers and projectors will continue to run without interruption.  This allows your home or business to continue to run on a seamless supply of electricity.

Enda Solar's backup systems are highly customisable and can work as direct mains-backup or linked to a generator or solar panel array, to offer a wide range of configurations which can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs.

For an idea of how Enda Solar systems might fit into your home or business, continue browsing to view some of our sample independent energy systems.


2 Bedroom Household, with kitchen,

2 washrooms

Living/dining room and store

All lights including security lights outside (energy saving bulbs)

TV, radio, phone chargers, computer

Pressing iron, fridge/freezer, fan