Enda Solar has years of experience working in the East African region and we have the knowledge, the expertise and the experience necessary to help you achieve true energy independence.  Whether you are running a large luxury safari camp or a personal household, Enda Solar has a system for you.


With a wide range of power supply options, ranging from 275 Watts to 300 Kilowatts, Enda Solar are expertly positions to meet any energy requirement you may have.  We are able to offer a range of energy solutions which make use of the latest in cutting-edge technology in the fields of solar, bio-gas and hydro-electric power generation.

If going completely off-grid is not your goal, then Enda Solar can help you augment and supplement your existing energy supply by installing an intelligent backup system.  Our systems are able to automatically detect variations in voltage and regulate the system as necessary.  By avoiding over or under-voltage situations, we can protect your home or business appliances whilst maintaining a steady and reliable supply of electricity.

For an idea of how Enda Solar systems might fit into your home or business, continue browsing to view some of our sample independent energy systems.


2 Bedroom Household, with kitchen,

2 washrooms

Living/dining room and store

All lights including security lights outside (energy saving bulbs)

TV, radio, phone chargers, computer

Pressing iron, fridge/freezer, fan