Our Power-Blox product is revolutionizing the way solar systems are created. Plug-and-Power in the truest sense of the word. No more long clarifications or engineering, no more tedious installations. A solar system can be installed in a few hours or even minutes. The revolutionary swarm technology makes it possible!


The features of the product speak for themselves:

  • Plug-and-play installation

  • Can be extended as required thanks to swarm technology

  • From 200W to 8kW and more

  • 230V AC and 5V/12V DC output

  • Lithium-iron or lead-acid battery

  • Service life up to 10 years and more

  • Integrated Bluetooth communication with option to integrate into our cloud solution with smartphone app

  • Extremely robust



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One product for all! With Power-Blox, you can electrify a wide variety of applications with one product and all this without special knowledge. Service is also child's play. Simply replace a box and you're done. The application can also be enlarged or reduced at will. According to your needs.
Start small, grow big! That is the motto of the innovative black electrification.

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