And the winner is... Enda Solar!

In 2015, Enda Solar was awarded the prestigious Energy Globe Award for Sustainability. The award was granted for our pioneering work with our 'Enda Solar Boxes' which were developed and installed at the anti-poaching camps of the Grumeti Fund / Singita Grumeti Reserves in Western Serengeti, Tanzania.

Bordering to the Serengeti National Park, the conservation efforts of the Grumeti Fund / Reserves play a vital role for the survival of the greater Serengeti- Mara Ecosystem, the home of one of the last great migrations of ungulates on earth - the Wildebeest.

Communication between the adjacent National Park Authorities on one part and the communities on the other part, are considered as an integral part of the conservation efforts.

Operating from remote Outposts, the provision of solar power led to a substantial improvement of operational efficiency and living comfort of the game scouts.

They are now able to operate the lights, the fridges, the phones and the radio transmitters 24/7.