Enda Solar provides training for Femme International

On Thursday 18th January, our Director of Marketing and Training, Richard Fenna, delivered a training session to the educators of Femme International; an NGO which delivers health education seminars to girls and women. With his years of experience in education, Richard was more than happy to lend some his expertise to one of the most important NGOs operating in Tanzania today. Sabrina Rubli, the co-founder of Femme International expands: "The success of our program is hinged on their ability to effectively deliver information, establish a safe space in the classroom and lead discussions on sensitive, taboo topics - such as menstruation. Investing in our staff to maximize their potential is always a priority for Femme. "

Richard delivered a full-day course which covered topics such as creating a safe and comfortable environment, effective use of questioning, identifying which delivery methods apply to different groups, assessment, lesson planning and organisation and assessment. The training day was a great success, with Ms. Rubli commenting; "This training has enhanced their skills to deliver the workshops, and engage students in a meaningful way, and will ultimately empower thousands of girls in Tanzania." For more information on Femme International, please visit their website: https://www.femmeinternational.org/

You can donate to Femme International by following this link: https://www.femmeinternational.org/donate/ Keep checking our website for more news on how Enda Solar is making a difference in our community!