Living Green with Enda Solar

On Friday, Erich, Rich and John took part in the 'Living Green' conference at MS-TCDC which formed part of a week of activities, seminars and discussions focused on improving social and climate justice in Africa. For the conference, Enda Solar partnered with PACJA, the PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance, an alliance of community organisations, NGOs and foundations which seeks to improve the quality of life here in Africa through positive social change.

After a brief introductory session, Enda Solar hosted a panel discussion on the topic of 'Living Green'. Participants from all across the continent were invited to share their thoughts, questions and concerns, and we were privileged to be part of such a lively, progressive debate. There were some fascinating discussions on topics such as choosing the right methods of energy generation in order to avoid 'white-elephant' public projects; being wary of falling into clever marketing strategies which amount to 'Green Washing'; the trade-off between being climate-conscious and economic growth in developing countries; the role of education in climate justice and the possibilities - and potential problems - of new sources of energy generation.

Enda Solar is committed to making as broad a social impact as possible and were honoured to be asked to take a leading role in such an important event. We have come a long way in the last year and look forward to continuing our positive relationships with PACJA and our partners at MS-TCDC here in Usa River.