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Energy solutions

Enda Solar's mission is to offer high-quality, low-maintenance solutions at competitive prices. With our holistic strategy, Enda Solar pays attention to all key areas of provision; from the production, transport and operation of independent energy solutions, up to system monitoring and periodic upgrading of technology. We are fully equipped to handle any job from a small household solar system to large-scale.

Solar electricity

With a wide range of power supply options, ranging from 275 Watts to 300 Kilowatts, EndaSolar is expertly positioned to meet any energy requirement you may have. We can offer a range of energy solutions that make use of the latest in cutting-edge technology in the field of solar power generation.

If going completely off-grid is not your goal, then EndaSolar can help you augment and supplement your existing energy supply by installing an intelligent backup system. Our systems can automatically detect variations in voltage and regulate the system as necessary. By avoiding over or under-voltage situations, we can protect your home or business appliances whilst maintaining a steady and reliable supply of electricity.

Backup systems

Our systems can automatically detect variations in voltage and regulate themselves as necessary. When a power cut occurs, our system will automatically switch from the main supply to the battery backup. This changeover is so fast - mere milliseconds - that electrical appliances will continue to run without interruption. 

Solar water heating

EndaSolar can offer a wide range of solar water heaters and can customise a system of any size.  All of our systems are fully modular and can be tailored to fit many configurations, whether you are running a hotel with a large centralised system, a lodge with several smaller heaters, or your own home. We offer water heaters that can intelligently switch to the mains supply if unfavourable weather conditions prevail, making sure you have hot water available, whatever the circumstances.

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