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Products we use

EndaSolar is committed to offering our clients the best in solar and off-grid energy products. Our engineers have many years of experience designing and installing systems of all shapes and sizes and this experience has endowed us with excellent knowledge of the products available to the energy sector. Here you will find the products which EndaSolar has carefully chosen to turn your dreams into reality.


We use solar battery systems that can be used to build off-grid systems from 200W to over 8000W. Very easy and without any configuration. Thanks to the innovative technology we use, the solar battery can build small and medium-sized systems or entire mini-grids.


We use a variety of high-quality solar panel providers that we trust for their strong investment in research and development. Many of them have even won global awards.

Solar Water 

We use a range of highly efficient and environmentally-friendly solar water heaters that enable EndaSolar clients to cut their reliance on standard powered hot-water tanks and boilers by 90% - reducing and in some cases eliminating household hot water bills.


We use deep-cycle batteries to support the off-grid systems. Unlike normal batteries, deep-cycle batteries are designed to provide sustained power over a long period and run reliably until it is 80% discharged or more.


We use high-end products that use the latest cutting-edge technology to design systems that include PV inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management.


We use a wide range of products to build our systems such as temperature sensors, switches, wire boxes, clamp connectors, battery management devices, etc. The products are high-quality, easy to use, reliable and have value for money. 

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