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Our work

We are experts in providing solar energy solutions on the ground. Our international knowledge and in-depth expertise in Tanzania shape our line of work and position our services. With this, EndaSolar offers an evaluation of the customer's energy need, a tailored design and installation of the products and capacity building. 

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We evaluate your need

EndaSolar flexibility allows us to come to the location of the customer to evaluate the energy need. We then assess how to save energy and money while offering high-quality, low-maintenance solutions at competitive prices. We ensure all of our partners and customers have at their disposal the energy they need; when they need it.

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We design a tailored service

To save energy and money, we design a tailored solar service that is unique to each customer. For this, EndaSolar has access to diverse high-quality products in the market and will pay attention to all key areas of provision; from the production, transport and operation of independent energy solutions, up to system monitoring and periodic upgrading of technology. 

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We offer capacity building

We believe in our services and we value the education and awareness of our customers and partners on energy solutions. For this, we carry on capacity-building activities with the aim to broaden the knowledge of energy solutions and usage.

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